宇 宙 人 の 言 葉 翻 訳 An alien's words Translation

宇 宙 人 の 言 葉 翻 訳

An alien's words Translation

They are those who came in order that we might warn people of the earths, warm you and you of knowing anything. We seldom hope that this language may be translated in what kind of form by what kind of people's hand. You the earth peoples are because only what always brings about self profits is interesting.


We are those as whom are called an alien and it acts much understanding and much minus understanding. To the degree for which it is striving for us to understand an earth people, you do not consider our thing. we still riding on UFO which you say in addition, and visiting specially and going -- your earth -- as one heavenly body -- the solar system and a Galaxy system -- it is for pile about dispersion of energy done to the point .


Man lives also except the earth in large numbers, and you do not too have [ trying hard and ] 知 and others. There is too no idea. The wonder which is completely hard to render description can make a living with the outlook on the universe which broods over itself in case of all, having floated into space. We are also making (?) (time for you to say is differed from) effort constantly. It stands to reason that it lives according to the life which is going to grow and progress, and there is the present earth and we think that appearance is the figure which cannot exist for man's life if it is original. But, you are working and living actually. However, have you thought? Or [ that this state is really continued till when ].


The earth is already contained in the crisis. our disk has warned how many times that there is nothing -- therefore, what of an except -- it is not a thing, either and is not the thing of an interest basis It is because we also have busy every day, and it is not embarrassed with spare time and is not necessarily playing.


It has been told to the earth people through a politician, mass communications, a financial expert, and religion people through high people of pride who call the language of which we have always warned many contact men, or back 々 of many information networks at a certain time. But, it has always been shelved. We waited patiently. However, it is the order it is considered that would come to the time to move from the state for which it already waits soon to positive action.


There is a translation in our having told this difficult and strange text. An earth people is because there is too no 知 and others about the original state of the heart. If even the heart is had and read and it is united with the life object which it is also in where of an original life, i.e., space, read naturally. That is, language is a thing as which Japanese or English is sufficient. Probably because you who are an earth people want to escape ? death for what purpose in short whether it is going to continue surviving, for what purpose are really [ ? ] for fear you alive?


We do not understand you. is it made to dissociate to why, is made difficult specially, and do you disunite the thing of everything that is called philosophy, religion, economy, and other science civilization, and think? There are all of those social phenomena etc. for a life, and there is no reason which is alike other than this and exists. That is, language is unnecessary to a lifeless place. For the reason, we coined a word specially. In why don't you have a question?


Aliens are never abstract and SF product. because -- an earth people -- aren't you aliens, either? Kitano -- when it heralded to a teacher, and talked clearly and became a text, it should have had more the language which this translation does not understand in the question .


At any rate, as for the earth on which you live, a gravity magnetic field beginning to be in disorder. The orbit has also changed. Why doesn't it have a question in that the position of a heavenly body is beginning to change, and time beginning to be out of order? We seldom trust people who call a specialist and a scholar, though regrettable. Since they will not have 余念 in data acquisition even when the earth is destroyed


We want to warn of the last to an earth people. Even if it sees a disk, do you remain in your space and just increase fear? It actually counts, and there are also so many people on whom many people witnessed the disk and rode that it does not go out. However, they will not think like a human being with them, or look at UFO for what purpose, and think [ whether the opportunity to ride for what purpose was able to be given and ] of their will. [ special ] It is wonderful. I want to herald to you. Even if it makes advanced power act scientifically even if, a life disappears and an end does not have it. A life is only repeated again. But, the present earth differs from an old crisis. The cavity in the interior of the earth is the own thing of the earth. The power which lost balance someday will crush an internal cavity. Then, it may be destroyed completely and may move from the earth between another space-time (space where magnetic field composition completely differs).


But, if the earth itself is holding the bigger magnetic field, it will not be settled only by it. It is hard to say now not at all. The earth is not a small star, so that you think, and it is not such a big star that you think, either. As for us, the signs of the earth that the earth is destroyed are already shown through the image. Therefore, we began to contact you desperately. Our intention is for also helping stars other than our star, and a planet in order to save the earth. I hear that only the earth is not the star which we know and is not a star with a special interest, either.

 地球が危機に入るとき、地軸は27度以上傾斜を加えるでしょう。たとえ地軸が傾いても、地球人は、少々体が不調になったと思うぐらいで、特に動揺はしないでしょう。でも、そのときにもまだ、地球人は自分のこと、あるいは、せいぜい友達か家族か、恋人のこと、自分に利益をもたらしてくれる人のことしか考えはしないでしょう。何と愚かなことでしょう。すでに昔より、宇宙は先にあるのに、けっして人間が先行するのではないのに‥‥‥ あなた方は、いつもそのように行動してしまう。どうか、もしできるのなら、少しでも外宇宙へ眼を向け、心を開いてほしい。我々が同じ友達として付き合えるのは、その心のあり方でだけ感じられるのです。金星人は、すでに移動しました。もう金星人は、すでに危機を感じ、計算しつくした範囲(危険)以外に逃れるためです。衛星を一つ見つけて、そこに移動を開始したのです。我々も、もう少し時間をおいて移動するかもしれません。地球からは遠くなりますが、けっして来れない距離ではありません。残念ながら、あなた方地球人の現在の科学知識では無理ですが‥‥‥

An earth's axis will add an inclination 27 degrees or more, when the earth goes into a crisis. An earth people thinks that the body became out of condition a little, and especially agitation will not be carried out, even if an earth's axis inclines. But also then, in an earth people, an idea will still do at most only its thing, or the thing of a friend, a family, and a sweetheart and the thing of those who bring themselves profits. It will be very foolish. It is that man already precedes never although there is space previously from ancient times...... You will act always such. If it can do, I turn an eye to outside space and want you to open the heart if you please. It is felt only by the state of the heart that we can associate as the same friend. The people from Venus already moved. The people from Venus are already for getting off in addition to the range (dangerous) which already feels a crisis and were calculated. One satellite was found and movement was started there. We may also set time to a slight degree, and may move. Although it becomes far from the earth, it is not the distance which never comes. Though regrettable, although it is impossible in the present scientific knowledge of the earth peoples, you ......


You could also do people and direct diplomacy of space, if it can escape from this crisis. however, the situation where reality is the worst rapidly it has fallen Although there are some methods of solving, they must reform an earth people's own consciousness and the selfish heart based on self first at any rate. It is because we will also be exposed to risk if it does not come out. Please live a normaler life, although it is already told in the sentence of much contact. Man's flesh is original with it and existence is not recognized. The heart and flesh must become together. It is in an unusual state that either holds either down. Please build the quietest possible time and consider the thing of people or space in many greenest possible environment.



It is changing oneself as small solution and a starting point in the beginning. Although you say, "There cannot be no such small efforts saving the earth", who has really made the earth the dirty shabby star?

You ...... The you individual is left. All things.



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